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Shea Hambling was the visionary of the AirZing™ program.

Shea, a Veteran of the United States Army and Operation Iraqi Freedom, has owned and operated his Information Technology Company for the past 9 years; offering systems implementation, integration, cyber security, and consultation to individuals, small, and national businesses.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Shea Hambling

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Alex Gorski has a varied background in the technology industry. His expertise has allowed him to coordinate tech systems to meet the varied needs of end users. He is also a depot level diagnostic technician that identified system failures, and bugs, Alex implemented corrective actions securing those systems from future shut downs.

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Alex Gorski

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Chuck Hambling has been an entrepreneur and business manager for over 35 years in a variety of industries. His background allows him to oversee the business operations and develop the AirZing™ staffing needs. He has also spent the past 12 years involved in the internet branding needs of businesses all over the world.

VP of Business Operations & Co-Founder

Chuck Hambling

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Robert Katz, an entrepreneur investor who has invested in many successful start-up companies over the last 40 years.  He has taken several companies public in numerous industries.

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Katz

    Justin Morrow, a strategic & entrepreneurial executive with 15+ years’ experience leveraging diverse business expertise to build multi-million-dollar international partnerships & businesses.   Recognized for an unparalleled local, national, & international network.  Passionately teaches and guides professionals in the real estate industry to achieve goals others thought were impossible. 

    Chief Operating Officer

    Justin Morrow

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    Derek Roll, a Sales Professional with nearly 20 years experience. Exceptional track record of building and maintaining client relationship, driving business growth and capitalizing on new revenue potential. Extraordinary people skills and effective communicator with exemplary organizational skill as well as strong ability to learn and teach sales teams. He is experienced in helping design, and implement strategic sales plans to expand customer bases, insuring presence in fast paced evolving markets.

    Director Sales

    Derek Roll

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